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-If you want to make films that make a difference don’t sit around & wait for God to come down on a cloud, and hand you a shiny 4K camera, fund your Kickstarter campaign.-
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Recently I had a conversation with a good friend, who is a very active youth event-speaker around the country and Mexico. Our conversation was mostly the catch-up type of conversation, but the said something very interesting. He said,  “I’ve been acting like a called one rather than a chosen one.” He was referencing the passage in Matthew 22:14:  “For Many are called, but few are chosen.” This was interesting for the fact that he is very active in trying to fulfill his calling, yet he only viewed himself as called, not chosen. I immediately wondered if many filmmakers have the same sentiment.

This led me to post a question on Facebook. “Are you called or chosen?” I quickly received a theological response from my pastor followed by his simple and effective explanation.

“…why would he [God] choose different ones from the ones he calls. Also, if he chose all of them, why are some that are not saved? As a conclusion we can understand the implication of Paul that choosing is related to answering. Those who are chosen are the ones who answer his call. The right question to ask would be, are you answering His call or not?

As pastors we attempt to motivate people to answer that call and thrive in their call, but about 80% of the people are waiting for God to come down in a cloud and give them a shinning armor.” -Nathan Gonzales


If you believe you have a calling to create films then make a decision to act as if you are chosen to make films. Don’t sit around and wait for the perfect opportunity to make the next box-office hit. Start tackling small projects. Help your church make video announcements, commercials, short films, etc. Take an internship or an entry level job at a media company. Do anything that will give you the skills to become that filmmaker you want to be. There’s is a high probability that your first projects will not be great. Some may even be failures, but that is OK.

The Bible story of David shows that all great accomplishments begin with small opportunities. David took advantage of every small opportunity to become a better warrior. He learned to defeat a  bear and a lion before attempting to stand up to the giant, Goliath.He did not sit around all day fantasizing about the day he would defeat a giant, and get his big break.  On the other hand, all of Israel’s army had a true calling to defend the nation and defeat the giant. However, they sat down waiting all day wondering who would stand up against Goliath. While everyone waited for something to happen, David made something happen.

If you believe you have a calling to be a christian filmmaker that’s great, but its NOT ENOUGH. It is not enough to join a “Christian-Film” Facebook group and wait to for someone to discover your talent.  Everyone in the group already knows they have a calling. In fact everyone in the world has a calling to make a positive difference. Filmmakers just happen to use media/film as a medium.

If you want to make films that make a difference change your perspective. Don’t sit around & wait for God to come down on a cloud, and hand you a shiny 4K camera, fund your Kickstarter campaign If you believe you have a calling go out and tackle the small things first. The christian film market is booming, but you must have he right perspective to handle such a giant.


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